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Bio-Metric  SERVICE

We have been booking, accompanying and completing technical VIP lodgings at

Embassies for over 25 years. 



Russia, China, India, Thailand and the Schengen zone currently operate a biometric data capture process to issue

a visa.


Biometrics is the simple process of capturing a fingerprint impression and a picture of the back

of your eye, known as a retinal scan.


Due to the process individual appointments are granted and clean application is required. Your personal attendance will be required.


Social distancing and queuing protocols are now in force. Please speak to your agent to book your preferred time and the best way of managing this process.

have been lodging Patent Office applications for solicitors and private clients for over 25 years.


Our team will react in the most expedient method by booking the application in at the earliest point.


We will manage your documents arrival with us and plan the applications safe submission at the earliest opportunity.


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