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India Visas from Inspiring Travel Company Visas

There are three options for India visas. If you need your visa quickly or don't want the hassle of filling out paperwork and sending in your passports, then choose an E-Visa. If you would like a paper visa, or are staying in India for a long time, then choose the single entry visa. If you need to leave and enter India more than twice then you will need a multiple entry visa.

Requirements Checklist for paper India Visas

Valid Passport for 180 days from date of exit

Two clear pages in passport and photocopy of information page in passport

Two recent photographs 50x50mm in size (not passport photo size)

One signed and completed application form

Proof of travel arrangements - flight itinerary and hotel reservations

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Price from - £239

Single Entry

Fill out a quick form and then you will be able to download our easy visa pack. Complete all the requirements, send your application in and then relax!

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Price from - £239

Multiple Entry

Fill out a quick form and then you will be able to download our easy visa pack.  Multiple entry applicants will be asked to provide evidence of multiple entries.

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Price from - £146


Quick and easy. Fill out our online form and our team will do the rest. You will need a photograph and your passport information page ready to upload.

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